The Swimming Pool & Allied Trades Association The British Swimming Pool Federation

Aqua Blue Designs are a UK-based, international swimming pool design and consultancy company with over 30 years experience designing specialist wet leisure buildings, indoor pool and spa facilities to the highest engineering standards.

Swimming pool - low lightingIn recent years Aqua Blue has become one of the most active spa and indoor swimming pool design companies with a design portfolio spanning 27 countries worldwide. Our service commences from the project conception and lasts beyond completion.

We’re a multi-award winning member of professional swimming pool trade associations Spata (The Swimming Pool & Allied Trades Association) and the BSPF (The British Swimming Pool Federation).

Director Michael Cormacey is a member of The Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers and our associate consultant Ron Stempfer is a Fellow of the institute, with several decades of experience. Both individuals have been active in maintaining high standards in this industry through their trade association and institute.

At Aqua Blue, we like to keep up-to-date and mindful of the energy demands of pool buildings. The MD has recently gained the Galileo Master Certificate in line with the Energy Management Technician in Europe project (energy efficiency in buildings) and is currently studying for a qualification in eco-building design.

We are also called in regularly to survey and sort out problem pools and to improve the efficiency of H&V systems and pool buildings. We have been asked to act as expert witnesses in such cases.

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